The Hardware Store

Family owned and operated since 1986

Hardware Products

wood stoves stove pipe pellet stoves,
We proudly sell woodstoves, wood and coal circulators, pellet stoves, wood and coal furnaces, parts and accessories.
hand tools, power tools, drills, bits, saw blades, jig saw blades, Dewalt, Lenox, Ivy Classic, Stanley tools

Hand, Power Tools and Accessories

Irwin, Lennox Ivy Classic, Stanley, DeWalt, Makita, and so much more!

plumbing, pvc schedule 40, fittings, glue, pipe cutters, copper pipe, fittings


We have a wide selection of faucet stems, toilet tank repair parts, in addition to new faucets, tub and shower assemblies.

We carry Schedule 40 PVC and fittings, Copper pipe, and Copper fitting; valves; Black iron/Galvanized pipe and fittings, Compression/Flare Fittings and so much more!

electrical boxes, metal boxes, wire, testers, strippers, wire nuts,

Light Bulbs, Electrical, Wiring, and Devices

We have a wide range of Lighting options for your home of office.  We carry many high efficiency options as well as traditional incandescent bulbs.  We have a hefty supply of electrical boxes, wire, wire nuts and accessories.  Not to mention Conduit and Fittings.

garden supplies miracle grow products seed starters

Lawn and Garden Supplies

Offering a wide variety of seeds, plants, planters, fertilizers, including a host of lawn and garden products.  Decorative benches, fencing, borders, pots, and more! 

We offer a selection of traditional fertilizers and organic options to meet your gardening preferences!

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bird feeders bird houses bird food

Hummingbird Feeders, Wild Bird Feeders, Bird Houses, and Bird Seed. Come see our extensive selection!

Mouse traps, glue traps havahart traps
We carry a wide variety of pest control supplies including traps, bait, organic options, and other humane alternatives.  For all your pest problems!
nuts bolts screw fuses

We buy our fasteners in bulk so you can by what you need, not buy a box!